Holidays and daycare for your pets

Why leave your beloved pets with anyone else in Guelph?

We offer customized services for you and your pet's needs.

We offer a host of specialty caring services for your fury family members that will make you feel better leaving them behind while you are away from home. We are the preferred pet sitting and dog walking service in Guelph and can offer much more than a regular dog kennel or pet boarding facility. Here is a short list of the services we provide:

* Providing a home for your pet while you are away

* Dog walking on or off leash

* Pet care in your home

* Doggy Daycare

DOGs ON holidays

We give your dogs a holiday while you are away. Your dogs stay with us at our home.Your for legged friends will be treated like they are part of the family.

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dog walking

We walk your dogs on or off leash. Your dogs will get as much exercise as required. We also love playing fetch or other activities. We customize our services to what's best for your pets.

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cat and dog HOMEcare

Your cats or dogs will be visited as many times per day as required, their water and food refreshed, their litter cleaned. We will keep your dogs or cats company and play with them. Again we customize our services to your needs.

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Doggy daycare

Are you gone all day and feel that your dog is left alone for too long? We can look after it for you in our home. Your four legged companioncan enjoy companionship with us and other dogs, get it's walks, play time and petting while you are away at work.