Cat Sitting

We visit cats in our clients homes to keep them comfortable in their usual surroundings. Most cats don’t like the change of their environment and feel much more at ease their own home. In general we visit most of our cat clients once per day, however it is common for some of our clients to request morning and evening visits. In addition to our pet services we can make your home appear lived in by turning blinds, turning lights on and off, and bringing in your mail. We visit for 30 minutes and clean the litter, freshen up your furry companions food and water, pet them and play with them.

What our Clients are Saying.

Tammy & Marvin

“Thanks for taking amazing care of my Tammy and Marvin, last minute you were able to be there and that means a lot to me!!”

~ Erin Quinlan


"Excellent service! Had a bad experience with another pet service not showing up and feel so much better with Fido & Feline's thorough and caring approach!"

~ Cathryn Cortissoz


Our busy season (mid June to end of September; mid December to end of March; long Holiday weekends) are booked months in advance. Don’t miss booking your favorite Holiday staycation for your pet with us. Contact us as soon as you book your vacation!

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