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We're ready to take care of all your pet/holiday needs! Please view our Covid-19 guidelines below.

Fido & Feline

COVID-19 Safety Procedures

For dog sitting in our home or our Assistant Sitter’s homes

Clients are requested to fill out a short questionnaire before dropping off their dogs.

We request our clients not to drop off any pet dishes, leashes, toys or any other items that could be contaminated.

For doggy daycare clients, we will not accept any dog food. For dog overnight clients we will only accept unopened dog food bags or cans. Home cooked meals or raw food can only be accepted frozen and in sealed plastic or glass containers.

We will wash and disinfect their food bowls after every meal. Water bowls will be washed out and disinfected every hour.

When the clients drop off their dog(s), they need to call or text us to let us know that they’ve arrived and then proceed with their dog(s) to the back yard, unhook the leash and leave him (her) in the fenced in area and make sure to lock the gate behind them on their way out. For overnight dog clients their belongings can then be dropped off in our front entrance area.

When clients pick up their dog, they again have to either call us or text us and we’ll put their dog in the backyard from where he (she) can be picked up. The belongings will be left in our front entrance area for pick up.

For cat sitting in your home and dog walking

Clients are requested to fill out a short questionnaire before we accept an assignment that requires entrance into their home.

Before entering a client’s home, we will put on gloves and a face mask and dispose of them after each in home visit.


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