For your convenience, We have a started to carry a small selection of tried & tested pet supplies & accessories, that you and your pets will love! Find something you like below, place your order, and we'll have it available for pick up, or delivered straight to your door!


We walk many sizes and breeds of dogs and have found that these harnesses are the absolute best. They bring about immediate and walk altering changes in dogs who tend to pull. They provide a better walking experience for both you and your furry companions. For all pick up orders we will custom fit the harness to your dog for optimal use.

See the harness in action!

Pet beds and comfort

We sourced the most comfortable and stylish pet beds and houses for you. Your furry companions will enjoy them!

Home Decor

Just for you, our pet loving friends, we sourced the most durable and fun home pet decor. Add this to your home to really express your love for your pets!

Slow Feeder Toys

Eating too fast can result in health issues for your dogs and cats. Slow feeding toys will not only make your pet eat slower, but they will also engage them in both mental and physical exercise. Make eating great again for your beloved companions.

Pet Bowls & Feeders

The perfect solution for pet owners, who are always on the go with their furry loved ones. Courier around all of your pets' most needed accessories in style!

Pet Stain Cleaner

The source of Stains and odors are often hidden beneath the surface. Liquid Ate attacks the root of the problem making your home a cleaner and healthier place. The formula contains special detergents that signal your pet not to use the same spot again. With it's unique enzyme formula that is free of harsh or harmful chemicals, Liquid Ate is safe and environmentally friendly.

Wet Fibre Glove

The magical microfiber technology traps water, mud and dirt instantly. Millions of microfiber strands create an extra-large super sponge. Super absorbent material. Soaks up to 7x its weight in mud and water. Floors stay clean and dry. Dries 5x faster than ordinary drying gloves. Machine washable.